With the holidays coming up, there will be some closures across TOMRA locations in Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia, and Northern Territory. Please note that all locations are closed on Christmas Day,

    QLD Closures and Hours

    • 24th Dec: 7am-5pm
    • 25th Dec: Closed
    • 26th Dec: 9am-5pm
    • 27th Dec: 9am – 5pm
    • 28th Dec: 9am – 5pm
    • 1st Jan: 9am – 5pm
    • 3rd Jan: 9am – 5pm
    • All other days until 26th January – 7am-5pm

    WA Closures and Hours

    • 24th Dec: 7am – 7pm
    • 25th Dec: CLOSED
    • 26th Dec: 9am – 5pm
    • 27th Dec: 9am – 5pm
    • 28th Dec: 9am – 5pm
    • 29th Dec: 7am – 7pm
    • 30th Dec: 7am – 7pm
    • 31st Dec: 7am – 7pm
    • 1st Jan: 9am – 5pm
    • 2nd Jan: 7am – 5pm
    • 3rd Jan: 9am – 5pm

    NSW Closures

    Reverse Vending Machines don’t need public holidays but our hard-working collections, customer service, and technician teams do. Please see below for the general holiday opening days:

    • Christmas Eve: Open
    • Christmas Day: Closed
    • Boxing Day:  Open
    • New Years Eve:  Open
    • New Years Day: Open

    For specific RVM site closures on certain days, we will publish a list here soon. Alternatively, you can check the Return and Earn website to see the live status of your local RVM.

    NT Closures and Hours

    • 25th Dec : CLOSED
    • 26th Dec: CLOSED
    • 27th Dec: CLOSED
    • 28th Dec: CLOSED
    • 29th Dec: 8am – 6pm
    • 30th Dec: 8am – 6pm
    • 31st Dec: 8am – 6pm
    • 1st Jan: CLOSED
    • 2nd Jan: CLOSED
    • 3rd Jan: CLOSED