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    1. #LifeWithoutLitter
    2. Journey of a Bottle
    3. TOMRA Presents
      • TOMRA Presents: Kane Durrant
      • TOMRA Presents: Marina DeBris
      • TOMRA Presents: Addison Road Community Centre
      • TOMRA Presents: Take 3 For The Sea
      • TOMRA Presents: eXXpedition
      • TOMRA Presents: The Seabin Project
      • TOMRA Presents: Sydney Harbour Above and Below


    This is why we do what we do. We wanted to share Tomra’s vision for a better world. Our vision is to clean up and protect the environment by recycling; it’s inspiring, empowering and enabling others to actively do the right thing and work towards a Life Without Litter”.

    Journey of a Bottle

    Since launching in December 2017, over 4.5 billion containers have successfully been recycled instead of ending up in landfill or littered in our streets and oceans. In fact, According to Return and Earn, New South Wales has now achieved an annual average reduction in drink container litter of over 40%. The one question Aussies still ask is: “Are these plastic bottles actually being recycled?” Join Tim Silverwood as he explores the journey of a plastic bottle.

    TOMRA Presents

    Our TOMRA Presents films aim to shine the light on people who are doing incredible things for the environment and community.

    TOMRA Presents: Kane Durrant

    Check out the wonderful story of Kane Durrant, his family and his organisation – Clean Up The Wild – and how they have contributed to keeping Australia clean and healthy.

    TOMRA Presents: Marina DeBris

    Eco-warrior. Activist. Artist. Inspiration. Marina DeBris is determined to send a message – that the litter we leave is on us. Marina picks up pieces of litter from the beach and uses those items to create Trashion (trash-based fashion).

    TOMRA Presents: Addison Road Community Centre

    TOMRA Presents: Addison Road Community Centre in Marrickville. A safe haven in the community, the centre has a wide range of support services and local initiatives. Check out some of their wonderful work.

    TOMRA Presents: Take 3 For The Sea

    TOMRA Presents: Take 3 for the Sea – the inspirational story of Roberta Dixon-Valk, Amanda Marechal and Tim Silverwood – and how they created a simple pollution solution that took the world by storm.

    TOMRA Presents: eXXpedition

    We are so proud to bring you episode 5 in our TOMRA Presents series. In this episode, we follow the all-female eXXpedition crew on their sailing journey to the The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the centre of earth’s largest oceanic gyre. It’s the biggest concentration of ocean plastic on the planet – these 14 women are sailing 3000 miles to study, raise awareness of, and find solutions for the devastating impacts of single-use plastic in our oceans.

    TOMRA Presents: Pete Ceglinksi | The Seabin Project

    The story of Pete, an Ecopreneur, and a unique Aussie invention cleaning the harbours and protecting our oceans. The Seabin, like Pete, is a quiet achiever, just plugging away, protecting our environment and keeping our waterways clean. This is the sixth episode of TOMRA Presents, a series that highlights the efforts of inspirational people, communities and initiatives.

    TOMRA Presents: Sydney Harbour Above and Below

    Our iconic Sydney Harbour is a beautiful location, but beneath the surface, it’s a different story! 70% of all debris sinks to the ocean floor and 2/3 of pollution into Sydney Harbour comes from stormwater run-off. Take a look above and below.