Bag Drop

    Our Bag Drop facilities are perfect for returning your containers on the go, and are easy to use. To begin, you will need to have the myTOMRA App and register for Bag Drop services from your settings menu. How it works:

    • Bag it (in your choice of bag)
    • Stick it (attach the barcode sticker provided)
    • Scan it (using your myTOMRA app)
    • Drop it (into the chute provided)

    You should receive your refund within 24 hours. You can check the progress of your return at any time under the “Activity” section of your myTOMRA app.

    You can claim your refund via PayPal or as an E-voucher. To choose your preference, go into your myTOMRA settings and find “Payout options”. Then select the method of claiming your refunds. If you choose PayPal, your refunds will automatically go into your nominated PayPal account, which you can draw directly into your bank account or use for online shopping. If you select E-voucher, you will receive an E-voucher in your myTOMRA app which you can claim at Woolworths for cash or discounts.

    Please note:

    • Bag Drop is only available at TOMRA Recycling Centres. Reverse Vending Machines and Over The Counter collection points will not make this available.
    • Bag Drop requires a minimum of 50 containers per bag
    • Bring in bags of your own choice as bags will not be provided at the depot
    • The material does not need to be sorted for bag drop
    • Refunds will usually arrive quickly, but at longest it will take 24 hours