Bag Drop Express

    Short on time, and still want to recycle? Try bag drop express!

    Our Bag Drop Express facilities are perfect for returning your containers on the go and are easy to use. To begin, download the myTOMRA App and register for Bag Drop services from your settings menu. How it works:

    1. Bag it (in your choice of bag)
    2. Stick it (attach the barcode sticker provided)
    3. Scan it (using your myTOMRA app)
    4. Drop it (into the chute provided)

    You should receive your refund within 48 hours. You can check the progress of your return at any time under the “Activity” section of your myTOMRA app.

    You can claim your refund via PayPal or as an E-voucher. To choose your preference, go into your myTOMRA settings and find “Payout options”. Then select the method of claiming your refunds based on which state you’re returning your containers in. If you choose PayPal, your refunds will automatically go into your nominated PayPal account, which you can draw directly into your bank account or use for online shopping. If you select E-voucher, you will receive an E-voucher in your myTOMRA app which you can claim at the nominated redemption partner for cash.

    We accept Containers for Change IDs across our Queensland TOMRA Recycling Centres. Ask one of our friendly staff for assistance.

    Please note:

    • Bag Drop requires a minimum of 50 containers
    • Only available at a staffed TOMRA Recycling Centre
    • Bring in bags of your own choice as bags will not be provided at the Recycling Centre
    • Glass and lightweight containers don’t have to be separated
    • Refunds will usually arrive quickly
    • Requires the myTOMRA app or a QLD Containers for Change scheme ID to use

    To increase the safety and wellbeing of our customers & team members during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are implementing a number of temporary changes at our TOMRA Recycling Centres in SE QLD:

    • We will be closing all of our Recycling Centres for 2 brief periods of 15 mins at 11am and 2.30pm each day – to allow for additional thorough cleaning of our facilities
    • We will be restricting the total number of people allowed inside our Recycling Centres at any one time to ensure good social distancing can be maintained by all of our customers – and to comply with Government mandates that prohibit large gatherings
    • We are introducing a new traffic flow system at all of our depots – together with clearly marked crosses for people to stand on whilst either using the machines or waiting to use the machines – again to ensure people can practice good social distancing
    • We have enabled Touch Free Recycling by reducing the time-out function on our machines from 30 secs to 15 secs and signage at all Recycling Centres clearly explains how to take advantage of this

    If you have any further questions on this our friendly team will assist you in the Centre.