TOMRA is proud to support our farmers in their time of need

    With over 99% of NSW now officially in drought and 15% in severe drought, our farmers are suffering extreme hardship. They face a daily battle to feed their livestock and their families as the drought steadily worsens.  As a result, TOMRA is partnering with Buy-a-Bale to help raise much-needed funds for feed, water and fuel – and we need your help.  All you have to do is take your containers to any Return and Earn machine and follow the steps below. Every container counts!

    Buy a Bale Donation Barcode


    1. Visit any Return and Earn Reverse Vending Machine
    2. Return your containers
    3. Press the “Donate” button on the screen and choose Buy-A-Bale

    Even a small amount makes a difference:

    • 20 containers = 1L of diesel
    • 200 containers = 1 bale of hay
    • 600 containers = feed a farmer and their family
    • 1100 containers = 1 large bale of hay

    To find your nearest Return and Earn Machine, visit or download the myTOMRA app.