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    NSW Return and Earn Hotline

    1800 290 691

    The TOMRA Cleanaway Hotline is your one-stop destination for all of your support needs for the NSW Return and Earn scheme. If you need assistance, are reporting feedback or have a general question. our customer service team is ready to take your call.

    QLD Containers for Change Support

    1300 11 88 88

    The TOMRA SupportĀ line covers all TOMRA Recycling Centres across Queensland. If you need some assistance or have a general question, our experienced and friendly customer service team is able to assist. Contact us today!

    TOMRA Collection Solutions

    Unit 2, 39 Herbert Street
    St Leonards
    NSW 2065
    Phone: 1300 22 22 82
    Email: enquiries@tcnsw.com.au

    TOMRA Cleanaway

    Unit 2/1A Raffles Glade
    Eastern Creek
    NSW 2766
    Phone: 1800 290 691
    Email: enquiries@tcnsw.com.au