E-vouchers are available as a refund option and are claimable for either cash or discounts at a Woolworths or Coles partner in your state-of-issue. To claim your refund as an E-voucher:

    1. Download the myTOMRA app and ensure your Payout Settings are not linked with an E-Payment provider. This option is located in the “More” menu on the far right.
    2. At a TOMRA Recycling Centre, scan your barcode at the Reverse Vending Machine
    3. Make your returns
    4. Select the Payout option – Your E-voucher will appear in your myTOMRA app

    If you’ve selected PayPal as your payment provider, your refund will go straight into your PayPal account. If you want to transfer your E-vouchers to PayPal, simply connect or reconnect your PayPal account to your myTOMRA account and the funds will automatically go straight into your balance. Once the money is in your PayPal account, it cannot be turned back into an E-voucher.

    You can redeem your E-Voucher refund depending on the partner listed on the machine:

    • Woolworths: any Woolworths store in your state of return will accept your voucher
    • Coles: Any Coles store in your state of return will accept your voucher
    • Currently we cannot provide E-Vouchers for IGA or Independent stores. Scanning your myTOMRA App will not provide an E-Voucher at these stores and will need to be claimed via PayPal.

    The E-Voucher is redeemable for cash or can be used for payment towards your shopping. It is not currently available for online purchases.