We’re excited to tell you there’s a brand-new way to fundraise through the Return and Earn scheme, and the good news is that it’s quick and easy to do! All you need is your laptop and your logo, and you could be receiving donations in minutes! It’s as easy as 1,2,3:

    1. Register your organisation online
    2. Set up your dedicated Return and Earn fundraising campaign
    3. Encourage your supporters to recycle & donate their container refunds

    Once you’ve registered, it’s super easy for your supporters to start donating their empty drink containers to you across any one the 340+ Return and Earn Machines via the myTOMRA app. The app allows them to choose you as their preferred Return and Earn payout option and with 10c from every container they recycle going directly to YOUR organisation, donations to your campaign will quickly mount up!

    So don’t miss out, go online today! Click here to get your (Return and Earn) fundraising campaign live on the myTOMRA app.

    What’s the opportunity?

    • Fundraise with Return and Earn through the listing of your own fundraising campaign on the myTOMRA app
    • Connect with all NSW recyclers using the network of Return and Earn machines to return their drink containers (+340 locations across NSW)
    • No waiting list, start fundraising as soon as your application gets approved
    • “Real-time” monitoring of your campaign: view “LIVE” the number of donations and how much you are raising
    • Receive weekly payments directly to your bank account

    How do I register?

    Applying to be listed on the myTOMRA App is quick and easy.

    1. Click here and create your login
    2. Register your organisation
    3. Set up your own fundraising campaign

    Documents you need to get ready:

    • Evidence of your legal status (ie. PDF copy certificate of your incorporated association, parent organisation letter)
    • Evidence of your ABN click here to access your PDF copy
    • Proof of bank details + your deductible gift recipient (DGR) endorsement (if applicable)
    • Your logo

    Fundraising with Return and Earn

    Partner with the most successful environmental initiative in Australia.

    High level of participation & an overwhelming level of community support*:

    • 88% of NSW are aware of Return and Earn
    • 86% support the scheme
    • 75% of the NSW population have participated
    • Over 70% of eligible drink containers sold are now recycled (vs 32% before the scheme)

    Benefits of a triple bottom line

    Whether you simply want to raise awareness about the important work you do in your community, promote a new program, reach out to new donors, reinforce credibility and trust, or simply increase donations, fundraising with the Return and Earn scheme can help you achieve your objective(s).

    Financial Benefits

    Set up a new, regular and long-term stream of donations for your organisation.

    Environmental Benefits

    Raise your environmental credentials or/and your sustainability goals: recycling drink containers significantly reduces litter in our environment, increases the quality of the materials recycled (glass, plastic, aluminium..) and optimises the resources we take from the planet, saving energy and reducing Co2 emissions at the same time.

    Be part of the solution: fundraising through Return and Earn also means your organisation helps “educate” the community around the importance of recycling through the scheme and its benefits for both the environment and the community.

    Community Engagement Benefits

    Everyone can have access to drink containers, they’re everywhere: engage with your existing network as well as your local school, childcare centre, local sports clubs, local cafes, local businesses, as well as your corporate partners, event organisers, hospitality providers, and tourist venues, and let them know you are fundraising through the scheme and the myTOMRA App.

    Community members are looking for ways to help the environment and their local community: they’re doing both by donating their drink container refunds to your organisation.

    You could also engage with your staff, volunteers and supporters around the recycling of drink containers: set up a recycling competition, organise a clean-up initiative in your area, reward your recycling champion/donor).

    “From little things, big things grow”: every single drink container refund donated counts so reach out to everyone: it’s the addition of all the 10c refunds, the collective effort that will help you achieve your target and help you make a bigger impact on your community.


    What are the eligibility criteria? What types of organisations can apply to be featured on the myTOMRA App?

    If your organisation is a school, sporting club, charity, or a not-for-profit community group and you satisfy the eligibility criteria listed below, simply click here to submit your application.

    1. Your organisation must fulfill at least one of the following:
    2. be currently registered as a charity in NSW (unless exempted under the Charitable Fundraising Act 1991); or
    3. have Deductible Gift Status with the Australian Taxation Office; or
    4. be a registered school (whether primary or secondary, government or private); or
    5. if a sporting club or other community, educational or environmental organisation, be incorporated as a not-for-profit organisation (either under the Associations Incorporation Act 2009 or as a company limited by guarantee) and further, if a sporting club, demonstrate an affiliation with a recognised state sporting organisation.
    6. be willing, with reasonable endeavours, to use its own networks and resources to promote awareness of its presence on the myTOMRA App to mutual advantage;
    7. have been operating for at least three years;
    8. be reputable and of good standing in the community;
    9. not be a political party or an organisation associated with current political issues or political activism;
    10. not be associated with gambling, wagering, tobacco or smoking as a primary source of their income;
    11. not be associated with any illegal or criminal activity; and,
    12. not be associated with any activity or publicity that could bring the Return & Earn scheme or any of its stakeholders into controversy or disrepute.

    Can my school, community group, sports club or charity apply to become listed on the myTOMRA app?

    If your organisation is a school, sporting club, charity, or a not-for-profit community group and you satisfy the eligibility criteria you can apply and create your dedicated fundraising campaign and be listed on the myTOMRA app. Eligibility criteria are outlined on the charity onboarding/registration webpage as well as on the terms and conditions.

    What are the benefits of raising funds through Return and Earn and myTOMRA app?

    • Connect with all NSW recyclers using the network of Return and Earn machines to return their drink containers (+340 locations across NSW)
    • Fundraise through the entire network of Return and Earn Reverse Vending Machines in NSW and have access to all the Return and Earn participants
    • No waiting list, you can start fundraising as soon as your application is approved
    • “Real-time” monitoring of your campaign: see “LIVE” how many donations and how much your campaign is raising
    • Receive weekly payments directly to your nominated bank account

    I am already listed as a donation partner on the screen of the Return and Earn machine, can I still create a campaign and fundraise through myTOMRA app?

    Absolutely. This functionality on the myTOMRA app and your listing as a donation option on the screen of our machine are two very separate opportunities for you to fundraise through the Return and Earn scheme.

    I already sent my application to become a donation partner and be listed on the screen of the machine as a donation option, do I still need to register online to be listed on the myTOMRA app?

    Yes. These are two separate fundraising opportunities.

    I want to see how this new functionality work, can you please help?

    The best way to see how it works for your supporters is to download the myTOMRA app directly on your phone and see the myTOMRA app “Charity” feature in action: download the myTOMRA app from your Appstore or Google Play store and learn how easy it is for your supporters to donate to your campaign


    What documents do I need to register my organisation?

    • Evidence of your legal entity (ie. ACNC registration, Certificate of your incorporated association, or your parent organisation letter or authority to fundraise if you are using an ABN that doesn’t belong to your organisaiton, ….)
    • A copy of ABN (visit or click on the ABR Lookup Website where you can save a PDF copy of your ABN)
    • Proof of Bank details:
      • either a pre-printed bank deposit slip, OR Bank Statement header OR Bank Information in PDF Format on Company Letterhead signed by appropriate Management;
      • this proof must be less than 3 months old and must clearly state your 1- account name, 2-  BSB and 3- your account number
    • Logo: it must be at least 500pixels High and at least 500 pixels Wide. You are able to crop and align the logo

    What are the specifications of the logo or image?

    Your logo / image must be at least 500 pixels high AND at least 500 pixels wide.

    To ensure your listing on the myTOMRA App look professional, the logo or image you are attaching to your application must meet these specifications. It can be round, square or rectangular as long as it is larger than 500 pixels in both width and height.

    You will not be able to proceed with your application unless it matches these dimensions. Please also note that if the logo or the image you provide is not satisfactory (ie. blurry, or out of proportion), we will upload a generic image. If you are having issues with your logo, please contact us at donations.nsw@tomra.com

    I’m having trouble logging in / I’ve lost my password.

    Please take note of both the email address you used to sign-up as well as your PWD. To retrieve your password simply click on “Forgot password” and follow the prompts to update. Please also check your junk email folder.

    I don’t remember the email I used to sign in, what do I do? 

    In case you forget the email address you’ve used to sign up after you’ve created your campaign, please contact us at donations.nsw@tomra.com and confirm the name of your fundraising campaign and / or the name of your organisation.

    How long does it take to register? 

    The registration is a 2-step process that takes about 15mn. To make it quicker, start collecting the information you need to complete your registration: evidence of your legal status (ie. ACNC certificate, certificate of incorporation for associations, affiliation with your federation for sports clubs, ACNC certificate, etc…), PDF copy of ABN registration, one proof of bank details, and one logo/image.

    Can I save my application?

    Yes you can. Simply press “Save Progress” at the top right-hand corner of your screen.  

    Do I need a shared mailbox to register?

    You can register without using a shared email address, we recommend you do, especially if your charity is run by volunteers. A shared mailbox accessible by more than 1 person decreases the risk of losing your login details, even if staff / volunteers change. 

    I can’t upload my logo/ image, what do I do?

    Your logo must be at least 500 pixels High AND at least 500 pixels Wide. The logo must match these specifications to ensure your listing looks professional and clear on the myTOMRA app.

    What is an Awareness and Engagement Plan?

    This information doesn’t get published on the app., this is for internal purposes only.

    Your “Awareness and Engagement plan” is a simple list (4-5 bullet points) that shows the activities that demonstrate your ability and willingness to use your own resources, networks, social media assets, media partners, promotional activities and other reasonable means to raise awareness about your fundraising campaign with Return and Earn and to encourage people in the community to recycle and to donate the proceeds from eligible containers, to the mutual benefit of the donation partner, the Return and Earn scheme and TOMRA.

    How do I set up my campaign? Do you have any tips?

    It’s important to create a campaign that resonates with BOTH your community of supporters AND the wider “Return and Earn” community. Make your campaign relevant, advise us of where the funds will be spent, and what the impact of these donations will have on your community.  

    When possible, adapt your dollar handles so they are relevant to a “Return and Earn” donor.

    There is no small donation. It’s best if you can demonstrate that even 5, 10 , 20 or 50 drink container refunds donated are helping and will have a positive impact on the community your organisation is supporting (ie: “5  drink containers could help us deliver 1 meal to someone in need”,  “20 bottles or cans helps us provide bandages for an injured koala”).

    My organisation matches the eligibility criteria but I do not have an ABN, how can I register to be listed on the myTOMRA App?

    Please send details of your application by email to donations.nsw@tomra.com

    Do you have any tips re: setting up our own fundraising campaign to be listed on the myTOMRA app?

    Setting up your dedicated fundraising campaign is the second step of your application.

    • TIP #1 Give your campaign a name and make it relevant to the Return and Earn community
      • to better engage your supporters and the wider community, specify how the funds raised will benefit the community.  (ie: “5  drink containers help us deliver a meal to someone in need”,  “20 bottles or cans donated helps us provide bandages for an injured koala”, “50 drink containers provides a dignity pack to someone fleeing domestic violence “Donating 10-50 bottles or cans will help us provide a daily meal of premium food for an Assistance Dog puppy in training…)
    • TIP #2 Select start / end date
      • setting an ambitious and attainable deadline is a powerful motivator but allow a reasonable amount of time to achieve your goals.
      • the duration of your fundraising campaign must be set from a minimum of 3 months and  up to 1 year.
    • TIP #3 Set a target
      • set a target that will inspire your community to help you reach it. Remember, one eligible bottle or can donated is worth 10 cents so set a target that is challenging but not impossible to reach.