Fundraising and Community – NT

    Did you know you can donate your refund directly to a not-for-profit organisation? It’s easy. Simply return your containers at any TOMRA Recycling Centre using the Reverse Vending Machine, select “Donate” and choose which organisation to help.

    Apply To Be A Donation Partner

    Are you a charity, community organisation, school or sporting club and looking to fundraise? Apply to be featured on the Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) at your local TOMRA Recycling Centre, where anyone can donate their refunds. It’s easy to apply, there’s no cost and your organisation will receive 100% of the refund.

    Donation partners are featured on the RVMs for 6 months at a time. This allows a wide range of not-for-profit organisations will be able to get a turn to fundraise with TOMRA.


    Can my organisation apply to be a donation partner?

    Organisations who want to become a donation partner with TOMRA Recycling Centres are required to satisfy the eligibility criteria.

    If your organisation is a school, sporting club, charity, or a not-for-profit community group and you satisfy the eligibility criteria you can apply to become a donation partner by completing the application form and returning it with the supporting documentation.

    How can my organisation get involved?

    Organisations have a variety of ways they can get involved to help raise funds;

    • School, sporting club, charity, or a not-for-profit community groups can apply to become a donation partner on a Reverse Vending Machines at their local TOMRA Recycling Centres and receive donations from people using the machine who choose to donate.
    • Organisations that have year-round contact with a large community of members (e.g. a school or sporting club) can become a local container collection point. Members of their community can then drop off and donate their eligible containers, equivalent to a 10-cent donation to the organisation.
    • Smaller organisations, or those who have more sporadic contact with their community or membership base, may wish to run container collection drives at set times during the year. For example at a local fundraising event members and the wider community would be able to donate their eligible containers.

    How do donation partners get selected to feature on a Reverse Vending Machine?

    Donation partners are selected based on a first come, first serve basis for applications that fulfil the eligibility criteria. There are a variety of checks that are completed to ensure each applicant is eligible to become a donation partner. Local organisations must use the funds raised in their local area.

    How can I get my charity, school, club or community group raise funds with TOMRA Recycling Centres?

    Applicants who fulfil the donation partner criteria can apply to become a donation partner on the Reverse Vending Machines at TOMRA Recycling Centres. For more information please call (02) 288 551 631 to talk to our Charity Partnerships Team.

    Donation partners are rotated every 3-months to give as many not-for-profit organisations as possible the opportunity to fundraise through the scheme.