Fundraising and Community – QLD

    From the 1st February 2021, your organisation will be able to raise funds via your Containers for Change Scheme ID.

    Haven’t got your scheme ID yet? Click here to register. Stay tuned for more information.

    Current Major Donation Partners


    Can my organisation apply to be a donation partner?

    If your organisation is a school, sporting club, charity, or a not-for-profit community group and you satisfy the eligibility criteria you can sign up for a Containers For Change scheme ID. These can be used on Reverse Vending Machines at any TOMRA Recycling Centre across QLD.

    How can my organisation get involved?

    Organisations have a variety of ways they can get involved to help raise funds;

    • School, sporting club, charity, or a not-for-profit community groups can apply to become a donation partner on a Reverse Vending Machines at their local TOMRA Recycling Centres and receive donations from people using the machine who choose to donate.
    • Organisations that have year-round contact with a large community of members (e.g. a school or sporting club) can become a local container collection point. Members of their community can then drop off and donate their eligible containers, equivalent to a 10-cent donation to the organisation.
    • Smaller organisations, or those who have more sporadic contact with their community or membership base, may wish to run container collection drives at set times during the year. For example at a local fundraising event members and the wider community would be able to donate their eligible containers. Trailers are available to use free of charge for not-for-profit organisations from your local TOMRA Recycling Centre.