Granville Recycling Centre

    Escape the elements to use our “one size fits all” reverse vending machines. Step inside our state of the art TOMRA Recycling Centre to use one of 9x reverse vending machines accepting all types of eligible drink containers – no need to sort into glass and lightweights. Get a sneak peek of how the machines work, with viewing windows allowing you to see back of house where the containers are dropped into the various bins depending on the material. With ample parking onsite, staff on hand to assist you and convenient operating hours, we can process both small and large quantities quickly & efficiently.


    Directions From West:

    From the Great Western Highway, turn off on to A44/Parramatta Road. You will see the TOMRA Recycling Centre on your right-hand side. Stay in the left lane and turn into Duck Street, but Hungry Jacks, to make a U-Turn. You can then turn right our of Duck Street onto Parramatta Road, staying in the left lane.

    Continue past Doors Plus and Wattyl Paints slowly and the entrance to the Centre is just 25 metres on the left. Look for the Return & Earn signs to help you.

    Directions From East:

    When driving along Parramatta Road and you have gone past Officeworks & crossed over Rawson Street, stay in the left lane. Look out for Doors Plus & Wattyl Paints on the left, continue past these stores slowly and the entrance to the Centre is just 25 metres on the left. Look for the Return & Earn signs to help you.


    Our Reverse Vending Machines in Granville accept all materials – no need to sort between your glass or plastic.

    To begin your session, simply return your first drink container – there’s nothing to press to start. If you’d like to get your refund via PayPal or an E-Voucher, you will need to scan your unique myTOMRA App barcode at any time during the session. If you’d like to get a physical voucher or donate your refund to charity, then just continue placing your containers into the chute.

    When you’ve finished your session, select the payout option on the screen that you prefer. Select “Donate” to give your refund to charity, “Voucher” to claim a physical voucher or “Payout” to get your refund through the myTOMRA app.

    Bag Drop Express – Temporarily Unavailable

    To increase the safety and wellbeing of our customers & team members during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are implementing a number of temporary changes at our TOMRA Recycling Centres. We are temporarily suspending our bag drop service so that we can focus on providing the best possible Touch-Free Recycling experience through our reverse vending machine technology

    Our Bag Drop Express facilities are perfect for returning your containers on the go and are easy to use. To begin, download the myTOMRA App and register for Bag Drop services from your settings menu. How it works:

    1. Bag it (in your choice of bag)
    2. Stick it (attach the barcode sticker provided)
    3. Scan it (using your myTOMRA app)
    4. Drop it (into the chute provided)

    You should receive your refund within 48 hours. You can check the progress of your return at any time under the “Activity” section of your myTOMRA app.

    Commercial Bulk Service

    Commercial Bulk Service is available at the centre for businesses, charities and community groups – bring your drink containers to us and we will count, recycle, and pay you for them.

    • Professional and reliable service
    • Processed and refunded within 48 hours
    • Helps divert waste from landfill and supports the environment

    This service is perfect for bars, pubs, sporting clubs, restaurants, cafes, event and catering companies, cleaning companies, schools, colleges, and universities.

    Refund Options

    There are multiple ways to claim your recycling refund.

    For Retail Vouchers simply select the “Voucher” button after your session. These retail vouchers can be claimed from any Woolworths Australia-wide.

    Payout via PayPal is available as a refund option, providing a quick refund that can be used to transfer directly into your bank account or be used to make online purchases. To claim your refund through PayPal, download the myTOMRA app and connect it to your PayPal account via the Payment Settings option. When using a TOMRA Reverse Vending Machine, scan your unique barcode at the Reverse Vending Machine, make your returns, and select the Payout option.

    E-vouchers are available as a refund option and are claimable for either cash or discounts at Woolworths. Download the myTOMRA app and set your settings to E-voucher. Scan your barcode at the machine, make your returns, and select the Payout option. The E-voucher will appear in your myTOMRA app and can be claimed from any Woolworths Australia-wide.

    Charity Donations are available if you’d like to pay your refund forward. Simply select the “Donate” button after returning your containers and select your preferred charity partner. 100% of your refund will go directly to the charity or community group of your choice.

    4 Parramatta Road, Clyde (Granville)
    Opening HoursMon-Sun 9am-5pm
    Services: Reverse Vending Machines, Bag Drop Express* (temporarily unavailable), Commercial Bulk Service
    Materials: One size fits all with machines taking all materials in one: Glass, Plastic, Liquid Paperboard, Aluminium, Steel
    Payment Types: Retail Cash Voucher, eVoucher, PayPal, Charity Donation
    Phone: 1800 290 691