Today you’re paying a significant amount of money for managing waste and disposing of your drink containers.

    Stop Spending. Start Earning

    You can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars a year, simply by recycling your drink containers with TOMRA.

    How it Works

    No business or industry is the same, but everyone wants to save time and money. Choose the option that best suits your needs.

    Option 1 – Pick Up

    • We provide you with bins
    • We organise the pick-up
    • You save on waste
    • We pay you

    Option 2 – Drop Off

    • We provide you with bins or bags
    • You drive to our express dock
    • Our friendly staff take care of the rest
    • We pay you the full refund

    Option 3 – We Pick Up, You Donate

    • We provide you with bins
    • You nominate the organisation you wish to donate your refund to
    • We organise the pick-up, manage the donations and monthly reporting

    Boost your corporate social responsibility

    Environment: When you recycle drink containers, you are saving high-quality recyclable waste that may otherwise end up landfill. Help the environment while promoting the circular economy.

    Community: Simply by donating the refunds of your drink containers to your local school, sports club, or to the charity of your choice, you will be able to help the community you care about.

    Staff: Promote your environmental values internally. Get your staff involved

    Stop spending, start earning

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