13th APRIL 2021: The Victorian Government has just announced what the new Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) will look like. The new CDS, set to commence in 2023, will help tackle litter, increase recycling and generate hundreds of new jobs to boost Victoria’s economic recovery.

    TOMRA Collection Solutions, scheme technology provider in NSW, QLD, NT and WA, have congratulated the Andrews Government on choosing the new scheme structure.

    Ryan Buzzell, President of TOMRA Collection Solutions Pacific, said: “The Andrews Government has stood its ground and backed the best model for the environment, the economy and the charity sector.”

    “After thorough consultation and consideration, Minister D’Ambrosio has locked-in a CDS design that will lift recycling, cut litter and create hundreds of new jobs in the circular economy.”

    “What’s more, the new Victorian CDS will provide unique opportunities for hundreds of charities, community groups and local sporting clubs to participate as both fundraisers and collection point operators .”

    A key strength of the design Victoria has chosen is that it empowers and incentivises[3]  an independent network operator to achieve the highest return rates possible. This means maximum convenience for consumers, more material secured for reprocessing and less litter going to landfill or ending up in Victoria’s waterways.

    A network operator charged with servicing every part of the state, will also mean the creation of hundreds of jobs all over Victoria.  

    “Today’s decision is a big win for Victorians” says Markus Fraval, TOMRA’s Head of Business Development.

    “Minister D’Ambrosio has chosen a CDS design that prioritises what works best: convenience for consumers.”

    “Virtually every high-performing system around the world partners with retail locations to ensure recycling becomes part of people’s everyday routine. Victoria is now poised to do the same.”

    “Co-locating RVMs in shopping centres and supermarket carparks makes returning empty containers and collecting the refund as easy as possible for as many people as possible.”

    TOMRA is the global leader in sensor-based sorting technology for recycling and is involved in over 40 CDS jurisdictions around the world. TOMRA’s Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs), co-located with retail, collect over 40 billion empty drink containers for recycling every year.

    TOMRA welcomes today’s significant news and looks forward to engaging further with the Victorian Government as it works towards selecting a network operator best suited to delivering a world-class CDS for Victoria.


    For more information please contact James Newton: 0436 683 751

    About TOMRA

    Founded in 1972, TOMRA is the inventor of and world leader in reverse vending systems.  They are currently part of the TOMRA Cleanaway joint venture that is the Network Operator for the NSW Return and Earn Scheme and are a major collection point operator in the QLD and WA schemes. Their machines accept, recognise and collect over 40 billion empty drink containers worldwide every year and, in return, provide a monetary reward for each one. It’s part of a continuous recycling process that TOMRA calls ‘Clean Loop Recycling’ that ensures fewer resources are used, less energy is wasted and containers have the best chance of being turned back into containers again – time after time.