Refund Methods

    When returning your eligible drink containers at a TOMRA Reverse Vending Machine in NSW, there are multiple ways to claim your refund.

    Retail Vouchers are available from Reverse Vending Machines and are claimable for either cash or discounts at Woolworths. To collect a retail voucher for your returns, simply put your containers through the Reverse Vending Machine and press the “Voucher” button to collect. These retail┬ávouchers can be claimed from any Woolworths Australia-wide.

    Payout via PayPal is available as a refund option, providing a quick refund that can be used to transfer directly into your bank account or make online purchases. To claim your refund through PayPal, download the myTOMRA app and connect it to your PayPal account. When you’re at the TOMRA Recycling Centre,┬áscan your barcode at the Reverse Vending Machine, make your returns, and select the Payout option.

    Charity Donations are available if you’d like to pay your refund forward. Simply return your containers into the Reverse Vending Machine, select the “Donate” button and select your preferred charity partner. 100% of your refund will go directly to the charity or community group of your choice.