Reverse Vending Centres

    Escape the elements and recycle your containers at your nearest Reverse Vending Centre. Step inside the state-of-the-art self-serve return point with 6 Reverse Vending Machines for quick returns, and air conditioning to ensure you claim your recycling refund whatever the weather.

    Just like the 320+ reverse vending kiosks across NSW, all Reverse Vending Centres provide a 10c refund for each eligible bottle & can returned, which can be claimed for cash at nearby supermarkets, a digital refund or paid directly to a charity of your choosing.

    We’re committed to your safety at all times, particularly during these challenging times. You do not need to come into contact with any staff at the centres and Touch-Free Recycling reduces the amount of touchpoints when returning your containers. Simply insert your containers, once you’re ready for your refund, wait 15 seconds and the machine will pay out via your preferred payout method.

    Our current reverse vending centres are found at:

    42 De-Havilland Cres, Ballina, NSW 2478
    Opening Hours:
    Mon to Sat – 7am–7pm
    Sun & Public Holidays – 9am – 6pm

    4 Parramatta Road, Clyde (Granville), NSW 2142
    Opening Hours:
    Mon to Sun 9am-5pm

    And soon we will be opening centres in:

    Unit 2, 194 Military Road, Guildford

    Materials: Glass, Plastic, Liquid Paperboard, Aluminium, Steel
    Refunds: Retail Cash Voucher, E-voucher, PayPal, Charity Donation
    Phone: 1800 290 691

    About our Reverse Vending Machines

    Our world-class Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) are easy to use. To begin your session, simply return your first drink container – there’s nothing to press to start.

    If you’d like to get a physical voucher or donate your refund to charity, then just continue placing your containers into the chute.

    If you’d like to get your refund via PayPal or an E-Voucher, you will need to scan your unique myTOMRA App barcode at the start of your session.

    When you’ve finished your session, select the payout option on the screen that you prefer. Select “Donate” to give your refund to charity, “Voucher” to claim a physical voucher or “Payout” to get your refund through the myTOMRA app.

    How to get your refund

    There are multiple ways to claim your recycling refund.

    For Retail Vouchers simply select the “Voucher” button after your session. These retail vouchers can be claimed at any Woolworths Australia-wide.

    Payout via PayPal is available as a refund option, providing a quick refund that can be used to transfer directly into your bank account or be used to make online purchases. To claim your refund through PayPal, download the myTOMRA app and connect it to your PayPal account via the Payment Settings option. When using a TOMRA Reverse Vending Machine, scan your unique barcode at the Reverse Vending Machine, make your returns, and select the Payout option.

    E-vouchers are available as a refund option and are claimable for either cash or discounts at Woolworths. Download the myTOMRA app and set your settings to E-voucher. Scan your barcode at the machine, make your returns, and select the Payout option. The E-voucher will appear in your myTOMRA app and can be claimed from any Woolworths Australia-wide.

    You can choose to donate your refund to one of our donation partners directly listed on the screens of our machines. Simply return your containers, press DONATE and select the not-for-profit charity, school, sporting club or community group you wish to support. 100% of your refund will go directly to the organisation of your choice.