Reverse Vending Machine lands in WA

    Congratulations Western Australia on legislating a Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) – you’re well on your way to tackling litter and getting those containers recycled. A CDS is an effective way of reducing litter and has been used in many countries across the world.

    To help you get familiar with CDS, we will be placing a demonstration model Reverse Vending Machine in the heart of Perth for you to try it for yourself.


    Address: Stockland Bull Creek Shopping Centre
    South Street & Benningfield Rd,
    Bull Creek WA 6149
    Open: Saturday and Sundays only, 9am – 5pm
    Start Date: Opening from Saturday 20th July
    Charity: Nudge
    Customer Service Details: 1300 670 044 and

    For full details, click here.