Reverse Vending Machines – RVMs

    What is a Reverse Vending Machine? It’s a marvelous piece of technology that takes drink containers from users and provides them with a refund. Used all over the world, they are the linchpin of container deposit schemes and are critical in capturing material for effective recycling.

    In most states across Australia, returning an eligible drink container to an RVM provides a 10c refund.

    Our Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) are world-class in scanning and collecting technology. Quick, easy, and automated, they can take 100 containers per second making them great for both small and large quantities. RVMs are located across New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, and Northern Territory. In NSW, they are standalone units or used in Reverse Vending Centres. In other states, RVMs make up part of our clean and modern Recycling Centres.

    You can find your nearest RVM here

    To begin your session, simply return your first drink container – there’s nothing to press to start. If you’d like to get a physical voucher or donate your refund to charity, then just continue placing your containers into the chute.

    If you’d like to get your refund via PayPal or an E-Voucher, you will need to scan your unique myTOMRA App barcode at any time during the session (only available in NSW, QLD, and NT).

    When you’ve finished your session, select the option on the screen that you prefer. Select “Donate” to give your refund to charity, “Voucher” to claim a physical voucher, or “Payout” to get your refund through the myTOMRA app.