Reverse Vending Machines

    Our Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) are world-class in scanning and collecting technology. Quick, easy and automated, they can take a container per second making them great for both small and large quantities. RVMs are located all across NSW, often in shopping centre car parks. You can find your nearest RVM here.

    To begin your session, simply begin by deciding where you want to direct your refund. If you’d like to get your refund via PayPal, you will need to scan your unique myTOMRA barcode before you begin your session. If you’d like to get a physical voucher or donate your refund to charity, then just begin placing your containers into the chute.

    When you’ve finished your session, select the option on the screen that you prefer. Select “Donate” to give your refund to charity, “Voucher” to claim a physical voucher or “Payout” to get your refund through the myTOMRA app.