TOMRA Recycling Centre Excursions

    For schools and community groups

    We believe children are the most passionate environmental champions in our community. TOMRA is giving school students and community groups the opportunity to engage with recycling in a fun and engaging way, to show how recycling drink containers is a great example of the circular economy, and an easy way for everyone to contribute towards a more sustainable future – one bottle at a time!

    What You Learn:

    • Learn about TOMRA’s ‘Clean Loop Recycling’ process and the container refund scheme ‘Containers for Change’
    • Get hands-on, returning containers at our Reverse Vending Machines
    • Go behind-the-scenes to learn how our technology sorts the drink containers by material type
    • Find out what drink containers are eligible for a 10c refund
    • Discover why it makes a difference to recycle containers at a recycling centre
    • Interactive discussion on the environmental and financial benefits of recycling including tips on what the 10c refund could be put towards
    • Hi-Vis vests and safety gear provided
    • Receive free packs to help you start collecting containers

    To book your free tour email us:

    School tours are available at these locations:

    I chose TOMRA … as it’s the most convenient for our community. It’s clean and the machines are also more fun for the kids. They like the graphics on the wall, the technology and they can see the drink containers travelling on the conveyor belt, just a more engaging place to go to for the students.”

    Matt Walker – Holland Park SS

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